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Restaurant HOS


Open faced sandwich with herring from Restaurant HOS in Odense, Denmark

Velkommen til Restaurant HOS

Our names are Michelle and Jakob, and together we have created a unique and beautiful restaurant called Restaurant HOS – a contraction of our last names; Hemme & Spolum.

At Restaurant HOS, we serve open sandwiches for lunch, which is our specialty, as well as other delicious lunch dishes.

Friday and Saturday we open the doors for a set menu, where we follow the seasons to ensure the best of fresh ingredients.

The atmosphere at Restaurant HOS is informal, relaxed and cozy. We strive to create a unique and unforgettable experience for every single guest.

We are Restaurant HOS, and we are your lunch- and dinner restaurant in Odense.

Your restaurant in Odense Central

Our restaurant in located in the heart of Odense, and is an obvious choice if you want to enjoy a delicious, tasty meal with the best local ingredients. Our ambition is to host the best restaurant experience in Odense – for both lunch and dinner.

We have open faced sandwiches on the lunch menu for everyone, regardless of taste. All delicately arranged and freshly made from the best, local ingredients. And you can even have a danish “snaps” too if you’d like.


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Restaurant in Odense praised by food critics

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