If you are absent from your reservation, your information will be registered as NO SHOW, and you will receive a bill of 500 DKK for each absent guest. Your booking is not cancelled before we have confirmed the cancellation. 


We follow Horesta’s cancellation policy

  • The cancellation of corporate events of more than 12 people must be made in writing within 4 weeks before the event, for corporate events of less than 12 people however, only 2 weeks.
  • For larger events, the restaurant may demand a longer cancellation deadline, provided that a separate agreement has been made.
  • In case of cancellation of the entire event, or the reduction of more than 10% of the order after the point of time mentioned above, but within 6 days before the event is held, the restaurant may demand a compensation equal to 50% of the price for the orders, by reduction in number, however, for the cancelled number in addition to 10%.
  • In addition, the restaurant may demand to be indemnified for expenses to specially agreed upon services, which cannot be cancelled (e.g. music, performances etc.).
  • In case of cancellation and reduction in the number of orders later than 6 days before the event, the restaurant may demand a compensation equal to 75% of all services. In the case of no show, full price is paid for the entire event.