About us

Our names are Michelle and Jakob and together we have created our own unique restaurant, Restaurant HOS – Hemme & Spolum. We opened the restaurant on February 1st 2019.

Our open sandwiches are modern open sandwiches – we have played with the classic version of open sandwiches and created our own version of a lovely rye bread food.

At Restaurant HOS, you will find some of the best wine for the money in Odense. We also serve local beer, homemade snaps and homemade squash. Besides serving excellent food and wine, our focus is on ecology and local ingredients. We make everything from scratch; we salt and pickle full speed while the ingredients are still fresh, so we can enjoy them when they are at their best.

The desire and drive behind our gourmet restaurant consist of professional pride, respect for the nature and a very strong service gene. So, come on in and enjoy a meal in our beautiful surroundings, where the smell of homemade food will tempt, where cosiness is emphasized with good music in the speakers and the atmosphere is at the top, both among our guests and the staff, who look forward to pampering you.

We look forward to seeing you in our restaurant!

Yours sincerely,
Michelle Hemme, Jakob Spolum and the rest of Team HOS