Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening we're serving our 3-6 courses menu.


The small menu consists of 3 courses and also includes snacks & petit four.

The small menu can be adjusted with an addition of more courses.

Icelandic lumpfishroe with cream cheese & waffle

Gougéres with grilled Gammel Knas cheese

Marinated halibut with tsukemono, smoked emulsion & saucé verte

Grilled Øhavs lamb with morels, artichoke & saucé provencale

Lemon fromage with creme fraiche ice cream, caramel & almond crumble

Banana bread with walnuts & ganache



3-courses menu  600
3-courses menu with wine / juice pairing  1100
3-courses menu with prestige wine pairing  1400


Select freely from below to add to the small menu - all the courses are included in the big menu.

Fried scallops with white asparagus, hazelnuts & blanquette sauce with browned butter  190

Grilled lobster with tomato, crab tortellini & crab bisque  220

Beef tartare with anchovy creme, radish & pangrattato  190

6 courses  1100
Menu with wine or juice pairing  2000
Menu with prestige wine pairing  2300

Wine menu

We offer 2 different wine menus.

Our regular wine menu is lovely wine, where you get a really good wine menu. Here you can come across a new generation of winemakers, although still with a classic expression.

Our prestige wine menu lifts the wine menu to new heights; here is wine for wine lovers with a penchant for classic wines and well-known labels, and this wine menu offers several exclusive wines, preferably aged.