HOS' wine list has been prepared based on a strong desire for classic European wines. A quick look at the wine list will quickly reveal a special fondness for Burgundy.

The wine list is prepared according to our own favorite producers and favorite regions, and of course according to what we think tastes best for Spolum's kitchen.

We make our own juice according to the seasonal supply.

Local beer flows in the taps, as well as some of the world's best bottled special beers.

We also make our own schnapps! Here, only the imagination sets the limits.

Friday & Saturday evenings offer 2 different wine menus: Our regular wine menu is lovely wines, where you get a really good wine menu for the price. Here you can come across a new generation of winemakers, although still with a classic expression.

Our prestige wine menu lifts the wine menu to new heights; here is wine for wine lovers with a penchant for classic wines and well-known labels, and this wine menu offers several exclusive wines, preferably aged.

Go have fun! / Michelle Hemme, owner & sommelier & Jeppe Kjærgaard Knudsen, restaurant manager