Billede af smørstegt rødspættefilet med rejer og citron serveres til frokost Odense smørrebrød

Danish open-faced sandwiches & lunch courses

At lunch we offer what we believe to be the best open-faced sandwiches in Odense. Among our sandwiches you’ll find danish classics with a touch of modern quisine, own creations and signature sandwiches from the kitchen of Jakob Spolum. All our open faced sandwiches are made from the very best ingredients, and they originate from a burning passion of making great and tasty food. If you want you can also try some of our traditional lunch courses, which also are made from the best ingredients we know of. We’re looking forward to invite you into our restaurant.

Our Danish open-faced sandwiches

Homemade cherry herring with crispy buckwheat & créme fraiche double  90
Warm fried herring with creamy potatoes  100

Cured salmon from Faroe island with smoked cheese & fennel  110


Caramelized Jerusalem artichokes with Gammel Knas cheese, pickled truffles & hazelnuts  100

Homemade salad of rooster from Gråsten with Havgus cheese & bacon crumble  110
Fried plaice from North Jutland with remoulade  110
Tartar of Danish beef with pepper mayonnaise, caramelized beets & horseradish  120  
Venison meatball with Cep remoulade, fried Tuscan kale & pickled chanterelles  120

Lunch courses

Fish of today from Strandby with Tuscan kale, trumpet mushroom & mussel sauce  130

Homemade puffed pastry with pheasant, mushrooms & chicken cream  140

Duck with caramelized celeriac, chestnuts & madeirasauce  150

Cheese & desserts

4 European cheeses with sweet & crisp  120

Valrhona chocolate dessert with cherries, sweetened mik ice-cream & Tonga bean  90
Spolums fluffy beer porridge with vanilla ice-cream & white Valrhona chocolate  90

We recommend 2 servings
The prices are in Danish currency    

More will follow

Vi serverer også aften

Udover vores frokostmenu tilbyder vi også velsmagende og smukke serveringer til aften. Du finder vores aften menu her.

Puffed pastry with sweetbread and morels for lunch in Odense